Belt Testing

Tang Soo Do in Beech Grove

Testing is an evaluation of a student’s ability in demonstrating the requirements for their present rank.  Above all, we stress concentration and effort. Children and adults get very excited on test day. We teach them to control the nervous energy and direct it into physical movement.  

Testing is not a competition between students!  Students are not compared to other students but rather considered on the basis of individual abilities, and potential for improvement in various areas of training.  It is very important that this idea be reinforced outside the school since it can be devastating for a young person to feel that they do not measure up, or that they failed because they do not do as well as their peers.  

Currently, tests are held every three months.  Students test in cycles and must fulfill the time requirements to be considered for testing.  Kyo Sa Nim Ellis will evaluate the students (whose requirements qualify) to determine whether or not they are ready for the testing that will qualify them for promotion.  Individuals progress at different rates; therefore, we do not compare students. Students are judged on the basis of individual abilities and potential for improvement.

A list of students (whom the instructor has given permission to test) will be posted the week before testing.  Only the students on the list will be tested. Prior to testing, a test form must be completed in its entirety.  Any information on the form that may be unclear to you can be explained by one of our instructors. The test requirements are detailed on a separate page.

Testing Fees

Testing fees are $10.00 per test. The testing fee includes the cost of belts and certificates.  The checks should be made payable to Beech Grove Tang Soo Do.  Fees are due the same time as your completed testing form.