Class Descriptions

Tang Soo Do in Beech Grove

Children (Ages 7ish-12ish):

Age appropriateness for this class is subjective. We are not locked in on the number, but the developmental level of the child.

  • Mondays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 6 pm.  We recommend averaging 2 classes/week.
  • $75/month. No Contracts. Ever.
  • Taught in an atmosphere conducive to increasing the students’ level of confidence and self-esteem.  Emphasis is placed on goal setting, positive behavior, and achievement in order to prepare kids for the future.

Adults (Ages 13&up):

  • Mondays/Wednesdays 7 pm; Thursdays 6 pm.  We recommend averaging 2 classes/week.
  • $85/month. No Contracts. Ever.
  • The goal of the adult program is to help make martial arts and fitness a part of your daily lifestyle.  The class emphasizes traditional elements that include self-defense, mental discipline, and physical conditioning.

Grasshoppers (Ages 3-5) and (Ages 6-12)

Formal Martial Art training has countless benefits but does require a significant amount of time and financial dedication.   Our Grasshoppers program allows kids to participate in a less formal martial arts environment. These classes focus on basic martial techniques as well as developing martial character and discipline.  Classical material will not be taught in this program; therefore, these students will not earn formal rank in Tang Soo Do.

We have multiple activities and games geared towards basic attention skills, eye-hand coordination, impulse control, maintaining flexibility, balance, and basic tumbling. We include some very basic punches, kicks, and blocks. We incorporate regular safety drills such as fire safety, stranger safety, etc. We also introduce/reinforce concepts that underlie martial arts training such as obedience, respect, cooperation, control of power, perseverance, etc.

No uniform required. Students should wear comfortable clothing. They will need to be barefoot on the floor. No registration needed, just come on in!


All Ages, All Levels, Walk-ins Welcome

“Studio Yoga” quality for a “Gym Yoga” price

This class is appropriate for those new to yoga as well as those with physical limitations due to age, weight, or injury.  More experienced yogis will also benefit from this all-levels class. Your own mat or towel is recommended, but not required.  Our entire floor is a mat; we provide other props as needed. Children are welcomed, however, most children under the age of 8 have difficulty staying quiet and not disrupting others. Please use discretion.

Butts & Guts

HIIT inspired, low impact (but intense) core workout  

Torch up to 400 calories in this 20min workout!

This class immediately precedes our Yoga classes.  The workout focuses on building core strength and tone in the abdominal and gluteal muscles.  Many variations are offered throughout for students needing to ease into the workout, as well as for more experienced students who need more of a challenge. This class also warms up and prepares your body to maximize the benefits of Yoga practice.