Class Info

Tang Soo Do in Beech Grove


We would like to welcome the parents of students enrolled in our Tang Soo Do school.  In these brief pages, we have put together information that we feel will be helpful to you in supporting your student(s) progress.

Consistent Training

Tang Soo Do is a long term learning experience and, like other everyday experiences, students encounter low points and difficult times in their training.  Therefore, it is important to manage these times correctly as they may set lifelong patterns.  It is important to explain to your child(ren) that studying a martial art requires long term commitment and dedication.  With your influence, we want to teach the students to overcome difficulties as they occur from time to time through their lives.  Perseverance is a wonderful tool and it would be tragic in many ways for a student to be allowed to quit when complicated moments arise.  Accordingly, by following through with commitment, you are enforcing two valuable principles of the school:

1:  Commitments are not to be taken lightly or made off-handedly; and

2:  It is important to persevere rather than submit to adversity.

As students work through their low points, they emerge stronger with a sense of accomplishment.  With their success, they can build and fortify confidence and stabilize inner strengths for future endeavors.

Instructor/Student Relationship

Developing a sound instructor/student relationship is essential to the progress of your student.  It is important that he learns to come to his instructor for help or guidance when he encounters difficulty.  It is not beneficial to a natural flowing rapport between the instructors and students when parents intervene.  If the student experiences a conflict of some sort, please encourage him to convey his discomfort to his instructor.  If that approach is not effective, a confidential meeting between the parent and instructor would become necessary.  In such a case, we are available to you so we can better work together for the student’s growth.      

Practice at Home

Younger students can greatly benefit by practicing foot techniques (kicking) at home.  In fact, we strongly encourage practitioners of every age to practice their kicks outside of the school. However, our attitude toward forms is slightly reserved for our younger students.  Forms are a complicated pattern of movements that require memorization in a specific sequence.  Accordingly, we are more comfortable with younger students practicing them with our instruction in order to prevent the development of bad habits and confusion of correct sequences.  Older students who have become confident with the sequential order of form training are, on the other hand, encouraged to practice at home.  All students can practice stretching exercises at home.  Stretching is actually vital to a continuous and healthy study of a martial art as it keeps the body supple.    

The Student’s Responsibility

At our school, we have developed a routine for all students to follow while participating in class activities.  The routine (which teaches students to be responsible for themselves) includes putting shoes, coat, etc., in the assigned area; adjusting their uniforms; greeting instructors, and lining up for warm-up exercises.

Spectators During Class

Spectators are welcome during class sessions, however, we ask for complete silence to prevent any disruption.  It is important for the students to recognize the instructors and their assistants as the authority in our school.